Melbourne Inheritance Lawyers

If a family member has passed away without leaving a will, we can assist you in winding up the estate through probate court, pursuant to Florida inheritance laws.

Trying to understand how inheritance laws apply to an individual situation without the help of an experienced lawyer can be daunting.

Florida law will determine how your estate will be allocated and transferred to your heirs if you do not have a will stating how you wish for your estate to be distributed.

If you already have prepared a valid will, many of the inheritance laws will not affect you. With a few exceptions, your will is the main document guiding the distribution of your estate.

We Can Answer Your Questions About Inheritance Law

At Anthony N. Brimo, P.A., we will explain the confusing and peculiar terms used in inheritance law while the estate goes through probate. When no will exists to direct the distribution of the assets, Florida inheritance law provides for and protects certain beneficiary rights and specifies how property will transfer to them.

  • Beneficiaries of an estate are usually the closest family members and will receive the majority of the estate in a proportion determined by the inheritance laws
  • In some cases, if assets like bank accounts and real property are held jointly with a spouse, the surviving spouse will be entitled to the remaining balance rather than the estate
  • The state of Florida will not take the assets of an estate unless there are no living relatives
  • Probate can be a long, arduous process that can take many months to complete

If you are currently in the estate planning stage, we can also answer your questions about long-term care planning and Medicaid/Medical assistance eligibility, wills and trusts.

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We are experienced Melbourne inheritance attorneys who can help you craft an estate plan in which you have complete control over how your estate is distributed.

We can help you with the probate of an estate, with or without a will and can discuss the range of trust and other options available to you.

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