Melbourne Estate Planning Lawyers

You can enjoy your life and your family without worry. An estate plan for the future removes the financial uncertainty that accompanies a sudden illness or death.

We understand that for many people, the thought of planning for such events is difficult. Additionally, it is not easy to think about what will happen if you or a family member becomes ill or passes away.

The law firm of Anthony N. Brimo, P.A., is easy to reach. Because of his welcoming and kind personality, he has been asked to speak at many events across Florida about long-term care plans and how to avoid probate.

He will explain why putting your thoughts about your future into a legal document lets you live your life fully and enjoy it with your family. He personally drafts and finalizes all of your estate documents. You will be working closely with him, not a large-law firm staff person.

Whether to make an estate plan is not determined by how big your house is or how much money you have in the bank. Rather, it is determined by whether you or a nonfamily member want to make your own health care and financial decisions or risk having a probate court appoint a nonfamily member to make these very personal decisions. .

What We Can Do For You By Putting A Plan Into Place

Not having a long-term plan might cost you or your estate more in the long run because of taxes, court fees or probate administration costs. There is also the potential for family disagreements about how to administer and distribute your estate.

Planning will make everything easier because it gives directions that the heirs must follow.

Even if you are not quite ready, it never hurts to meet with us for a free consultation about your future. We understand that death and disability are difficult subjects. The alternative is chaos in the event of an emergency, an unnecessary burden on your loved ones at a time of mourning or caring for you after an accident.

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The Melbourne, Florida, elder law firm of Anthony N. Brimo, P.A., offers a free consultation to answer your estate planning questions.

We are located in a comfortable and accessible office with free, adjacent parking. Please call 321-723-8388 to speak with a lawyer or contact us online to arrange an appointment. We speak French and will quote a fair price for our services.