Elder Planning Melbourne Lawyers

Many people do not like to think about estate planning. Understandably, it is a difficult subject to ponder at any age.

However, it is best to meet with our lawyer, Anthony N. Brimo, when you are younger and have the ability to arrange your affairs the way that you want.

Elder law provides the legal framework in which you can make decisions about how your family will care for you later in life, how to pay for the expense of your care and how to distribute your estate.

The alternative to not making any long-term plan is that you may not be able to make these choices later on. Someone else, whom you may not even know, will make them for you.

Our Elder Law Attorneys Can Help With Long-Term Planning

Our elder law attorneys at Anthony N. Brimo, P.A., will explain the estate and elder planning processes. Estate and elder planning can include drafting wills, health surrogate and advance directives, trusts and adult guardianships.

We help you make sense of all of your options at each stage of life and how the options you choose affect the probate of your estate later on. You might consider that:

  • Children may not always live near their Florida-resident parents or may not have the time to provide the care you need. It can be very difficult for your children to provide regular care and monitoring from any distance, especially if you need continuous, 24-hour care.
  • You might be discharged from a hospital stay and cannot go home. If you need to be cared for after discharge, your children will need help obtaining legal authority to arrange for your care and pay for it, if you cannot. We are familiar with the many assisted living homes in the area and the quality of the care they provide for a range of needs.
  • Anticipating a health emergency and planning for it greatly reduces the stress on your family when it happens. Knowing how you wish to be cared for and that you have the funds to privately pay for housing or that you are eligible for Medicaid will greatly relieve the burden on your family.

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