Melbourne Guardianship Attorneys

Do you see your parent becoming more forgetful, losing things, getting lost, not properly managing his or her money, health or medications?

Is he or she unable to perform once-routine activities or make medical care decisions?

Your parent may already have designated a  pre-need guardian as part of an estate plan, in case he or she would suffer from dementia or memory loss. In a guardianship, your parent can name the person he or she wishes to act as the legal guardian.

Our attorney can help you, as the son or daughter, petition the probate court to appoint you as legal guardian so that you can make important decisions for your parents.

Do You Worry About Your Parent’s Well-Being And Safety?

Many retired people have made Florida their permanent home. Many of their children live outside of Florida and cannot manage the day-to-day issues that a parent needs to manage as he or she ages.

Petitioning the court to appoint a guardian shows you care about his or her well-being and safety.

  • You must prove to the court that your parent is not capable of making decisions that will keep him or her safe, taking care of the home, or improperly administering his or her medications.
  • The court will require annual reporting about the person’s health and living situation in the form of a doctor’s report that your parent is not improving or is declining.
  • It is sometimes possible to share the guardianship responsibilities with a sibling or the other parent.

At the law offices of Anthony N. Brimo, P.A., we can help family members with the parental guardianship process. We will involve your parent when possible unless the parent is afflicted with dementia or memory loss.

Our Melbourne Guardianship Lawyers Help Families Protect Their Loved Ones

A guardianship and its financial counterpart – conservatorship – give power to the children to make virtually all decisions related to housing, medical care and finances. Children may wish to act as the legal guardian for a parent.

Otherwise, professional legal guardians can step in and make certain decisions. We can help you choose a professional guardian or request that the court appoint another person you prefer.

You can reach us at 321-723-8388 or send us an email to set up a free consultation about filing for a guardianship or including your preferences in your estate plan for the future.