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You are not alone in asking what “probate” really means. Hearing friends talk about avoiding probate or protecting assets from probate makes the process seem more confusing.

Probate Of A Will Establishes That It Is A Valid Legal Document

The process by which a person’s will is deemed to be valid by a probate court judge is generally referred to as “probate of an estate.” After the will is determined to be legally valid, the estate administration, including distribution of assets may start.

Estates of people who die without having made a will must also be administered and assets distributed by the probate court. However, the process may take longer and may cost more. Attorney Anthony N. Brimo can represent heirs in probate court even if there is no will. Please call 321-723-8388 to arrange an appointment.

The time and tax-saving benefits of prior estate planning and making a will are reflected in the probate and administration process. Your will specifies how your assets will be distributed upon death:

  • If assets were transferred to a trust at some point in the past, those assets and earnings may now be available to your heirs
  • If you noted in your will that you would like certain people to have specific personal items, like a family heirloom, the administrator of your estate will ensure that this is done
  • If you specified that a portion of your estate be given to charity, those funds will be transferred
  • In many cases, earlier estate planning will generally include setting up trusts to which a majority of the assets were transferred, making the probate process a shorter, legal formality
  • If the assets were transferred as part of Medicaid planning, the timing of the transfer and whether you received Medicaid are relevant to the probate process

Our attorney will help you through the process of probating a will and administering the estate. Even if another law firm prepared your estate plan documents, we can still help you with the probate and estate administration.

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