Melbourne Trust Law Attorneys

Trusts come in many forms and serve many purposes. As part of your estate plan, they can help to provide for almost everything and everyone who is special to you after you are gone.

A Trust Helps Avoid Probate Fees And Controls How Assets Are Distributed

During our many years of elder law practice, our lawyers have helped people set up trusts for a variety of reasons as part of their comprehensive estate plans.

Generally, trusts are used as an estate planning tool to ensure that most of your assets will easily go to your family after death, without the burden of a long probate process.

We have helped people set up revocable trusts, trust instruments for asset-preservation and more directed trusts in the following types of situations:

  • To care for your pet. In the past, Florida law did not permit a person to leave money or set up a trust to care for a pet. Pets are considered to be property. However, now you can appoint a trustee and caretaker for your pet after you are gone. Having a trustee and a caretaker serve to ensure that both will act in the best interest of your beloved pet. Upon the death of your pet, any remainder left in a pet trust will go to your heirs.
  • To ensure that benefits continue. People receive government benefit payments for many reasons, including for disability or as a social security or pension payment. We will set up a trust in such a way that future payments will not jeopardize the government payments. We will create a trust that ensures that the government payments will continue.
  • To provide for a relative’s health, education and welfare. People use this kind of trust to help a grandchild, for example, to pay for college or for extraordinary medical needs. You can decide at which age the grandchild/beneficiary will receive disbursements from the trust. Setting up distributions at specific milestones, like college graduation, or age work well when the beneficiary is young.

If Your Pet Might Outlive You And Your Grandchildren Need College Funds, Set Up A Trust

Our Melbourne trust law attorney, Anthony N. Brimo, can advise you, as part of the estate planning process, which type of trust will best accomplish your goals for your family and your pet.

You can reach us at 321-723-8388 or send us an email to set up a free consultation to discuss your long term planning needs and how a trust can benefit your family. We are easily accessible and our attorney personally drafts all of your documents.