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The question usually is “Do I really need a will?” The answer always is “yes.”

Your Will Ensures That Your Wishes Are Carried Out

A will contains your instructions for transferring and distributing your estate when you are gone. Every other legal document in your estate plan derives its existence and direction from your will.

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Your will is a legally binding document. After you pass away, a probate judge will make a determination that the terms it contains are still valid and that it was prepared properly according to the law.

It contains the results of important decisions you have made in the past such as:

  • Whom do you trust enough to administer your will and carry out your instructions? Often this person is a spouse, child or other close and trusted relative. This person is called a personal representative.
  • How will you distribute the assets that are not part of a previously created trust? Assets remaining in the estate, like an automobile, funds in a bank account or your pet must be distributed to your heirs. If you have funded a trust for your surviving pet, the personal representative will now have access to funds to care for it.
  • Which grandchild will receive a special piece of jewelry or the family crystal? You are able to list each item of personal property and to whom you wish to give it.

Having a will can help prevent family disagreements about how your property is divided – but not all. Sometimes an heir who did not receive anything pursuant to the terms of the will might display his or her anger by contesting your will in probate court.

In such a situation, we will defend your estate and the terms of the will in court.

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Regardless of the size of your estate, it is important to have a will. It is the base of a larger estate plan that may include your living will or health care directive, trusts for the benefit of family members and pets, and guardianship and conservatorship instruments.

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